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This is a great place to go for glasses and many optical needs. Joyce is the reason I started going to this locale, a colleague’s glasses were so awesome and she shared that her secret was Joyce. Even though it is really outside of my normal area and they don’t have weekend or later than typical business hours (which can be tough at times) I had to give it a try and more than ten years later here I still am going there. Joyce helps me greatly find glasses that I always get compliments on, that fit my small bridge and personality. I have a hard time deciding these things and with Joyce it is a breeze because I trust her opinion very much and she is truly gifted at finding the right frames for your face shape.

Dr. Cassis has been a great benefit to this location. She believes so much in what she does and really cares about helping people. Because this is her company, she can do so much more that will benefit you, than a Dr. at a big company and she has a lot of attention to detail. I have been timid to try new things that I need to do Vision-wise as my eyesight changes and she has given me the latitude to give it a try and to change it if I don’t like it. She has really boosted the technology and they have tests that I never knew existed and has opened a dry eye clinic. I suffer from chronic chalazion and had been only managing outbreaks with Opthamologists.

Dr. Cassis has been helping me in a new more wholistic approach to fixing the problem and keeping it controlled with methods that work for dry eye patients as well. It’s a rare problem and it was so serendipitous that I could get relief and become more on the offensive side, from a place I was already going to. This could be an even longer review, telling how this company is different and better than any other place I have been for these services for many reasons. However to put it plainly, from a person who has used many services from here and been to many different places in my past for eye needs, and who admittedly is not the easiest person to please, I highly recommend this company and you will not be disappointed if you give them a try!

- Teviya A, Google